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About me

After many years I spent as a consultant at a global player I joined Europes’s largest manufacturer of kitchen furniture. The mission was to replace the old fashioned reporting by a modern business intelligence/data warehouse solution based on the Microsoft BI stack – on my own over long distances.

Asking me why I have been the lone fighter for such a long time, I don’t really have an answer – but may be because the matter is so extremely complex?

About MeHence, my range is still accordingly wide – from business analysis over data modelling and architecture, ETL and cube development to KPI definition and report design. And never lose sight of company’s BI strategy – while the team had increased to three colleagues.

In 2018 I set sails directions north-north-east to find a new team and to face some new challenges – working in Hamburg while living next to the sea.

For me, algorithmic trading is such a magnificent business, so much different from manufaturing, retail or other industries. I always wanted to know how financial markets work – and soon experienced the power of Data Vault modeling and Open Source solution like PostgreSQL and Pentaho.